How to Get New Customers in your shop for under $100

Thursday, April 12th  - 3 PM ET                  LIVE via Zoom

Ideal, lifelong customers - without killing your margins.

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Stop doing the same marketing expecting better results.

As a shop owner looking to bring in new customers, you've probably spent a small fortune trying a little of everything.

Direct mail, coupon books, magazines, papers - some have worked better than others - or maybe nothing has produced the return on your investment to make it worth doing again.

Even some that worked were only because you cut into your own margin by offering a cheap oil change deal - only for those customers to never return.

I'm Steven Placey, Dynamic Leader, Trainer, Growth Focused Innovator and Engagement Expert with over 20 years of branding experience.

Not a fake online "guru, wizard, ninja". I've grown my own company to seven figures and helped hundreds of others get to 6,7 and 8 figures.

My Team and I work with motivated, awesome PEOPLE wanting to level up their companies including the Auto Repair industry.

Steve Fish

I'm going to share a few things that have proven to bring in new customers without having to mortgage your house and kids.

GOOD CUSTOMERS, not the ones that only want your margin-killing cheap oil change deal. 

  • I'll show you some Facebook tricks we use to increase engagement, likes, and response by 900%
  • Sample Facebook Ads that create calls and jobs in the shops - for just $50
  • Simple changes to print ads that can dramatically increase your response rate
  • The #1 way to prove to potential customers they can trust you
  • How to get more customer referrals and a few more tricks that work wonders.
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What I'll share in this training will bring in more customers so you can spend more time on hobbies, family, or add value to your retirement plan.

I promise there is no big course or big upsell at the end of this class.

If I show you some great strategies that can work for you, and you want help from me and my company to bring in more ideal customers - fantastic, love to help.

If not, I hope you learned something new that helps you. Sound fair?

Can't make the live training but interested in these ideas or others to bring you in more ideal customers? Schedule a free consult with me here:

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