2019 is all about trying something new, innovative to crush your sales goals. So here’s something you can do today or this week that can help you get more appointments and sales QUICK.

When you attend a networking meeting this week, don’t wear a nametag. WHAT???!!!! That’s right – just try it, especially if you are going to an event where you could meet a lot of NEW people.

Here’s why – people have preconceived notions of many industries – they feel they already KNOW what you do – and HOW you do it. If you are in an industry where many of your competition attend events, then new people you meet already probably know dozens of people in your industry – and they may simply lump you in automatically with ALL of the other people they know that do what you do. YOU AREN’T like them – and you don’t want that do you?

I NEVER, EVER, EVER wear a name tag – I want people to ask what I do – so I can explain it MY WAY. I can give examples of someone I helped, I can base my response of who I am talking to. I can ask questions – all without any 
preconceived notions on their part. You can show how you are different from everyone else – which is what companies spend MILLIONS on every year – and you can do it simply.

It works and has helped us build a great business. I have built a database of 35,000+ clients and contacts using this and you can to. Break away from the tag! Try it at your next meeting – it may just Rock Your Business!

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