It really doesn’t matter HOW you build a community of followers, it’s that you actually build one. Once people are following you, they be 1000% more likely to buy WHATEVER you are selling.  The biggest reason people don’t do it is simply because they don’t know what to say or what people will respond to in regards to their industry. No, people don’t want to read blogs or watch videos about insurance, or mortgages or many other industries.

Here’s an absolute fact: Whatever industry you are in or service you provide, does not limit you to WHAT you can show people online to build a community of followers that want to buy your stuff. Let me explain. Let’s say you sell insurance. Most people would start an insurance update blog or vlog (Video blog) hoping to keep people updated on the super exciting world of insurance. You may get a few followers – but you may invest a ton of time with little results.

Lucky for you – you sell insurance but you ALSO love fishing. You could start a fishing blog or vlog showing the lures and baits you use to catch certain fish. Share tips on weather, water qualities, forecasts, etc. Show yourself catching fish. Answer people’s questions about fishing and more. I’ll bet you will enjoy talking fishing MUCH more than insurance – and so would MOST people.

You could build a following of THOUSANDS with your fishing blog. People WILL ask what you do for a living….and you could tell them – I sell insurance – and people will want your help with their insurance. Why? Because they like YOU. They trust your advice in one aspect, so why not trust you in others? People buy people.

What do you really LOVE to do? What are you good at? What could you share with people? Ideas without execution is dreaming so think beyond your industry but most importantly get started!

Need help getting started? Need a strategy to make this successful for your business? Request a free chat with a Rock Your Business experts who can help answer your questions, generate ideas and help you get moving!

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