Case Studies

SmartPlan’s founder Kevin Donahue was originally involved with a tax preparation franchise that focused on small businesses. Kevin 25+ years of corporate finance was being underutilized and his opportunity for growth was capped.

Through some brainstorming and planning sessions we helped uncover greater opportunities for Kevin to utilize his vast experience to help companies far beyond just tax prep. We helped Kevin to innovate and develop a series of services he could provide to small and medium businesses – from cash flow analysis and growth to tax planning, forecasting, cost reduction and even a comprehensive full outsourced booking and CFO services.

After developing the products and services we developed the full branding, marketing and sales platforms he uses every day to attract and convert new customers. We still handle all of the outbound marketing for Kevin and his Team so they can focus on servicing his growing customer list. We also constantly connect him with potential customers from our vast database of 35,000+.

Now Kevin’s opportunities for growth are endless. He is now capitalizing on his vast knowledge and constantly adding new customers!

Established in 1986, TeKONTROL, Inc. (TKi) provides security assistance, training, logistics support, equipment acquisition, sustainment and modernization, engineering support, IT support and program management to its global customers. They reached out to us for they had wanted to start a new division of their company that would sell the AmphiSeal System - a flexible, water resistant, cementitious coating with extreme adhesive properties. It adheres strongly to masonry, concrete, tiles, metal, wood, most plastics, DensGlass and Styro-Foam.

They wanted to reach out to their existing customer base to showcase this new product and reach new partners and end users which included many B2B and Government organizations. They had to be cautious as to not confuse or aggravate their existing TeKONTROL customers so we created strategies to market these companies independently - yet still tapping their current base.

We helped them to develop all of their lead gen, marketing and sales platforms including all materials, website and social media. We also helped them to develop strategies and conversion processes they were to use in marketing, selling and delivering the new products. We helped to connect them with several businesses and organizations that have created sales and new partner opportunities.

Since 1986, Pangolin has amassed over 50,000 clients, firmly positioning their company as a world leader; providing software and hardware solutions to the laser light show and entertainment industries. They have offices in the USA, Central Europe, and Mainland China, and have received 27 awards for technical achievement and product quality.

RYB helped them to expand their reach through several mastermind and planning sessions. We helped them to create online communities via social media where their users from around the world could showcase the laser shows they had created using the Pangolin software. This community allowed for Pangolin to stay directly connected with their end users and provided an amazing marketing platform for prospects to see what could be done with their products. These groups also created higher sales for new products, expansion packs, new hardware and much more!

RYB also worked on video projects with Pangolin producing high end video content showcasing Pangolin’s experience, products and testimonials from some of their users. These videos can be used as powerful marketing to further strengthen their global reach.

CMC is a leading wholesaler of commercial printing, office supplies, promotional products and more that has been a family owned business for over 35 years. They also provide national and local warehousing and distribution of supplies and products to companies, hospitals and sales forces. They give companies the ability to purchase in bulk but not have to store the products. They will ship or deliver on demand.

They came to RYB looking to refresh their brand and revitalize a stagnant growth trend.

Our Team came up with a strategy that would give their sales Team something new and “blue” to talk about with current customers, past customers and new prospects. We developed the CMC Advantage Programs where companies could “register” to be part of a “members only” solution where they could get special pricing, discounts and priority care to get the products they need at bulk discounts.

The RYB Team created all of the new marketing and sales literature, graphics and sales flow for the new programs. We actually created specialty CMC Advantage programs that targeted certain departments within larger enterprises such as Publix. Programs such as Sales Advantage help to provide national sales forces with the tools they need to sell more widgets. HR Advantage connects with HR pros within companies to help them find the perfect awards, and bonus items they need for their internal programs. Production Advantage helps manufacturers with labels, packaging and more they need on demand in high volume.

These specialty programs give the CMC Sales Team programs they can use to attract and convert larger companies into CMC customers. It also adds something new to market to their current lists and re-ignite past and current customers with new ideas and additional sales. They are also now creating customized “Advantage Programs” for associations where they can offer discounts to the associations members and CMC donates a percentage of the program back to the association to help them grow. A huge win-win!

Boaters Exchange is a leading boat dealer that has been ranked within the top 100 nationally for over a dozen years. They came to us simply wanting to accelerate the growth, sell more boats, expand their service and retail sales and lay the foundation for the next decade.

We recommended upgrading their logo and branding form the 16-year-old logo to something more “today”. We came up with the BE logo you see today and also created several campaigns that could be used across all marketing platforms and charitable work they do in their local communities. The new BE branding has unlimited opportunities to expand and drive the brand across all platforms.

Second we looked at how they were talking to their current list of over 16,000 customers. We upgraded their old email system to a new system that allowed tracking of opens, clicks, reads and more. This data is still being mined to use in upcoming campaigns that will target certain people based on their interaction with Boaters Exchange. The new system has led to much more engagement with their consumer base and increased traffic to events and higher sales.

We are consistently working with their team strengthening all of their marketing events, expos, campaigns and more to drive traffic sales and service.

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