Mindset and Your Success with Shannon Inez


If your mindset is off you will not be productive. It IS just that simple! Today’s podcast is an interview with Shannon Inez, a Mindset Coach, who shares her secrets on getting your mind in line with your objectives and moving forward much faster! Shannon…


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Steven Placey here with another edition of the rock your business podcast and today your listening. You know, I know, you’re perfect. You never second guess yourself. I know that you have everything under control all the time, but for the rest of us. We always have them, no matter how successful you are. You might second guess yourself. You might have a day that you’re just not having the best day and you’re like why am I doing this? Or whatever you’re doing? We all have those days. OK, so today we have a special guest and her name is Shannon Inez Shannon. How are you doing today?

I’m doing great,

excellent and what part of the country are you in? Where you at?

I’m in Illinois so Midwest US alright.

So in Shannon is an expert at helping people overcoming those limiting beliefs. So Shannon tell us a little bit about you and what you do is.

Well, a little bit about me. A little back story and that is that I have been. I dropping a dreamer and believing that I could do anything. I set my mind to and so for me, it’s something that I’ve always had that entrepreneur spirit within me and since I was little I can remember dreaming up businesses, and I’d create binders for them and name my business. Whatever it was gonna be when I was in cosmetology school, I created my own salon and years later, when I graduated cosmetology, I opened my own salon and then, you know, when I went had photos taken. I dreamed of being a photographer and I would create businesses and. I would dream about them and I just knew that I could do anything. I set my mind to and so therefore. That’s what’s led me down this path to entrepreneurship, because I’ve always wanted to own my own business and just create something different. So that’s what I’ve done throughout the years. And so now I help other people that are wanting to create. A business for themselves. I help them to get past those mindset blocks and those limiting beliefs and shift into. Planning strategy to be able to create their business and build it for success.

Very cool, so a lot of people get stuck. You know right? They get stuck in various pieces. A lot of people never even get started. Right? Like can you see that a lot like how do you help people that are just getting stuck on step one?

 Yeah, I think a lot of times it’s that fear that fear of failure that comes out. What if I start this and it doesn’t go as I plan or whatever? And that’s where I can come in and help them get past that fear because a lot of times we just have to take small steps and. Even if it’s we breakdown our goal into actionable steps along the way, then we can take those little steps and push a little bit further. Beyond that comfort zone and start to see progress and celebrate those wins. And when we can celebrate those wins along the way, we start to create momentum. And moving forward towards creating our business.

OK, so. Tell us how you get people past that is there like do you have like a few steps to help people kind of unblock themselves? I mean ’cause it’s very easy. You know we can say you just get over it. You know some people are more self motivated. Another I’m a Gemini so like half my brains like Oh my gosh we should do this the other half like shut up and just go do it. You know kind of thing but. Not everybody has that self kind of drive or craziness. Whatever you want to call it now, right? Has that so you know how you know. What are some tips that you could give people that that could help him like kind of get moving?

Well, I think First off they have to really address what their underlying thoughts are. I’m a journaler, so a lot of times for me it is to go into my journaling space. Other people will go into meditation or whatever it is that helps you to really tune into those underline thoughts that are taking place within you. Because even though we say, well, yeah, I’m going to build this business and everything even though we say that what are the thoughts that are taking place in the back of your mind? So if those those are the thoughts we have to write down and we have to address those, and so first I want someone to become aware of what those thoughts are and when they become aware of those thoughts, then we can address them and start to realize that. Not all thoughts are true and we can also look at where did they stem from? Because if we can identify where they stem from, I oftentimes will compare it to like a table, so that limiting belief is like a table and they have supporting legs that are holding it up. If we can get rid of three of those supporting lines, that table has no room to stand. Just like that, limiting belief is gonna have no more power in your life if we can take away where the where it stemming from. So it’s finding the core reason why he said that.

 I mean, it really is. It’s like what is really stopping. You know, so I love that exercise and you know the other thing to you said about fear. You know it is. People hate change. OK people do just change like crazy. They don’t like to do things but they think they’re going to put on both fail like you said and and you know. A lot of things you’ve seen is like if you fail, it’s not the end of your world. Right, like if you’re investing your house and it lives and you know your stuff like this, there’s a lot more pressure, yes, but lots of times when people are starting business, they’re not doing that. There might be a small investment, but even if you didn’t lose that investment, is it going to destroy? It’s probably not will you.

Will you have to pick yourself up, you know and get moving again, sure, but you have a lot of people around you that can also help you do that, and we’ll get a little drink of water and I’ll be back right after this brief message.

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So Shannon, you know having a great support system as something that is critical? You know in that you’re not on an island alone. Whether it’s business or personal stuff. People feel alone. They feel like they’re in the middle of the ocean in a little tiny boat with a paddle or without a paddle, you know, and you know, talk to me about that. Talk about the importance of a support system. So I think what happens a lot of times, since when we’re going into business for ourselves, we think we have to have everything figured out on our own. And we think that we’re out on that boat by ourselves. But really, if we will connect with other entrepreneurs or we connect with other people because entrepreneurs come from different areas and they’re able to have different skill sets and everything. And so if you surround yourself with. Other entrepreneurs, then you have the ability to. To lift yourself up, you know the quote is you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So spend time with people that are successful in their business and learn from them along the way as well, and so that community building that community, building connections with other people. Is crucial to your success because they can help keep you motivated when you’re feeling like I just don’t know if I can go on anymore. And truth is you can go on and they can also help you see things that maybe you’re not seeing because you’re so close to this situation. Yeah, you are the average of the five people you spend most time with.

That’s a huge piece. Think about it, you know and you know if you’re going. A lot of people will spend time sometimes in the wrong places. I tell people, look if you’re if you’re going to a networking group and you’re the most successful person in the group. Find another group. Yeah, like literally find another group because you know they’re not going to push. There’s not going to be goals there. Most likely they might just be, you know, really looking at you to provide all the information. Well, that’s not why you’re there. You know what I mean? If you’re in a mastermind group and you’re the most successful person, that’s not what you want. I want to be around people that have done more than I am so I can hear what they’re doing and they could push me and give me guidance. So that’s a huge piece and I love end bold me. Certain mastermind groups will do a whole little whole session from that, but you know, and you’re big on this new clubhouse app as well. Talk to us about that and how you’re using that to to, you know, move your own business forward and or help other people. Russellville clubhouse app.

I have loved every aspect of it once I figured out how I was going to use it for my intentions and everything with the app. And so clubhouse has been given me the opportunity to connect with people that I maybe ordinarily would never connected with. Even like with you getting to meet you on the app, and so it’s given me a chance to give back to people and provide some support for other people. as well as i go into rooms that i’m not the smartest one. That’s all one word. Shannon Ynez, one on Instagram. And that’s where I will have all of my launching information. Or they send me and ask me any questions that they have about those limiting beliefs about the group coming up or whatever it is. I’m always willing to chat about. Creating success in your business. So yeah, go check out on clubhouse as well. She runs a lot of different groups. I mean from small groups. The larger groups to everything. So this awesome so. Shannon, thank you. I mean this is. This is really great information I think and listen again. I know like I said before, you listening, you might be perfect, but you maybe know of someone else that’s not. But in all seriousness, we all get it. Look, we all try to portray that we know everything but. But when you start making a leap forward is when you accept that you don’t. And accept that you need help so that until you get over that and in fact there was a book I that I was going to buy. He said in less you if you are a solopreneur and you’re not happy with the results that you’re getting until you accept that one of two things. You either doing things you shouldn’t be doing, or you’re not doing the things you should be doing. Then no one can help you if you can’t accept. That it’s one of those two things, and you are the only person in the business. No one will be able to help. Right? So accepted. And move on. ’cause the greatest thing is if you accept it and get the help, you can do whatever you want. So Shannon, thank you so much for your time and listen everybody. I hope you got some good stuff out of this, you know and just you know go follow Shannon. Go following clubhouse Goconnect with her on Instagram. She’s awesome. So thank you for listening. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast. Go rock your biz.

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