Important question for Entrepreneurs and Sales pros who rely on networking to find new customers and build sales leads:

If there was a predictable, step-by-step method for getting more customers out of EVERY networking event you attend

Would you jump on the chance to stop running from event to event all day and learn how to create more customers from fewer events?

Here's why I know you are bobbing your heads with an emphatic "YES!"

I've been there...

I used to go to every networking social, breakfast, lunch and group I could find.  I'd go to as many as 3 a day.  I was told the more hands you could shake and cards you collected the better.

I was leaving early, staying out late, missing time with the family - basically running myself ragged - and profits were staying flat or only going up a little every year.

I also had issues with finding the time to service my customers and handle everything else in my company. I was too busy running from event to event.

Any of this sound familiar?


I found a better way and it worked REALLY WELL!

The biggest jump in my business happened when I stopping running myself ragged and got really good at getting more customers from EVERY event I attended.

  • Making myself unforgettable at every event so people would line up to talk to me
  • Introducing myself and my company just the right way to intrigue and attract my target customers
  • "WOWing" the audience so people have to ask "How did you do that?" 
  • Spending less time at bad LIVE events and focus on finding where my top targets were hanging out 
  • Following up with EVERY person, building trust, intriguing them and getting them to take action.

Things REALLY took off!

I spent months trying different introductions, trying different pitches and ways to get people interested in what I did. 

I found out what worked the best and went big! That led to a really great month of sales...

What REALLY fueled my fire was that I could attend fewer, really good events and actually get more customers than running around all over town to events all day!

I could get people interested in me and my offerings quickly...

Like REALLY interested and intrigued by what I said.

That led to even more appointments and a record year in sales!

I was blown away!


This system has built over 35,000 contacts and customers and dozens of referral sources for my company. 

It's created millions in sales and thousands of contacts for the people I have taught my system to at live events.

And now I want to show you how I did it.

After years of perfecting these systems and training thousands of people in seminars, talks and webinars... 

I've poured everything into the Networking RockStar Masterclass so you can get the results I did, just much quicker and easier!

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Just a few highlights of what you will get in the Masterclass:

1. How to attract your target customers to you at events.

You may rely on networking to be a huge source of new customers. I will show you EXACTLY how I built a list of 35,000 customers and contacts that has created millions in sales.  EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

2. How to introduce your business at events, leads groups and expos.

What you say and how you say it are critical to getting great results. I'll walk you through remaking a pitch that will get you more customers from EVERY event.

I'll also provide you several worksheets and flowcharts that will help you define your message, separate your company from your competition and attract more prospects than you ever have.

3. Where to find your BEST prospects.

I'll show you where you can go network to find a pool of your target prospects. I'll also show you where NOT to network - this will save you tons of time, money and aggravation!

4. How to attract, intrigue and convert online connections.

I'll show you simple strategies in Facebook and LinkedIn that you can use to attract people to you, then intrigue them enough to take action.

5. How to make you and your company UNFORGETTABLE

If people forget about you when you leave an event then it was a complete waste of time and money.  I will show you how to be unforgettable and have people coming up to you after an event, asking how you can help them.

6. Get more warm referrals

I will show you how you can get 40x more warm referrals from current and past customers.  Warm referrals ROCK and can provide a HUGE boost to profits FAST!


How much does just ONE new customer provide for you in sales?

$200? $1500? $10,000?

At $97 the Networking Rockstar Masterclass would take just 1 or 2 new customers EVER to see a return on their investment.

But THIS course can help you create AT LEAST 1 - 2 new customers EVERY MONTH for YEARS!

"Steve is a tireless networker,  full of energy and a brilliant business mind. Steve is always ahead of the curve on way's to generate new business."

-George Tsafonias, Dir. or Marketing

"Steve is a master at connecting business people and helping them to improve their results. I've always been impressed by Steve's dynamic personality and supercharged creativity. "

- Michael Brodsky, MBA, CRPC®, APMA℠

"Steve is a dynamic and energetic presence.  His knowledge and advice are great at helping me to build my business over the years.  His feedback is educational and constructive."

- Travis BeMent, Sr. Home Loan Consultant

"I can't make a stronger recommendation than to work with Steven Placey!"

- William Benner, President and CTO

Imagine seeing REAL results (more sales) from the time and money you spend at events, tradeshows and online!

The Networking Rockstar Masterclass can create more clients and higher sales for you N-O-W and for years to come.

I can't wait to show you everything in this course. It's years of work compacted into easily digestible and actionable steps that will create huge results for you.


RYB - Steve BW Headshot

Imagine meeting the right people and prospects each week because you learned where to go, what to say and who to say it to.   

Sign up today and get started being a Networking Rockstar. 

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