The Rock Your Business Branding Program or what we call Monetize Your Brain, consists of many different steps.  Some people will need every step from start to finish, some need a little tweek and some just need something very specific.

Pre contract Discovery session to determine if you have viable knowledge and profit opportunity to 10x your investment in program

2.            Upon acceptance - I2e session to pull out every piece of experience and knowledge, and brainstorm the services, physical products and trainings you could sell.

3.            Create revenue streams - products and services on an ascension model

4.            Create / update your personal branding

5.            Create all product branding and and sales systems

6.            Training on live networking

7.            Training on social networking

8.            Echo program for outreach

9.            Create podcast to showcase knowledge

10.          Build sales funnel with evergreen webinar, emails, download and follow up for conversion

11.          Build social media campaigns and ads to feed the funnels and build customers


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