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Mine your customer lists for more sales and referrals.

Much of marketing is about laying a strong foundation for sales, bringing qualified leads to the door and staying connected and top of mind with your existing customers.

However, there are a couple of audiences that often get neglected when developing a company's marketing plan... past/inactive prospects and clients.

SP - Peopel crowd

We have found that these buyers can be an outstanding source of business!

Why are they so valuable?

  • They know you and (hopefully) like you.
  • They understand your products and services and the value you provide.
SP -Pro woman

With Salesminer, we tactfully re-engage your past customers to mine for new sales and referrals.


Simply getting back in touch with your past customers can create new sales. 

Staying out of touch means your out of mind.

Share something new

Whether it's sharing a new offer or a customer success story, consistently being a thought leader and giving your past customers additional ways to use your services creates NEW sales.

Ask for the referral

We will ask your past customers for new warm referrals with our tactful, yet high performing copy.

What would 10x more referrals mean to your business?

"9 out of 10 businesses I've worked with aren't effectively communicating with their past (and current) customers...thus missing out on a huge opportunity for sales and referrals..."

-Steven Placey, 20+ year branding and business development

RYB - disc call photo

There are only really 4 ways to increase your revenues:

  1. Acquire New Customers
  2. Increase your prices
  3. Sell past customers a different product
  4. Sell past customers the same product again

Acquiring new customers is amazing but can be very costly and raising your prices may not always be an option.


Getting new sales, repeat sales and warm referrals from your past customers is the fastest, least expensive way to exponentially grow your revenues!


If you've been in business for 3 years or longer -  or have a list of past customers, let’s start with a short call/zoom to discuss if the Saleminer Program could boost your sales and referrals.

We are very careful about who we sign as clients.

We make sure to only sign on clients that we are certain will see results and generate a positive ROI.


Choose a day/time below where we can dive a little deeper into whether we can mine your list for new sales and referrals.

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