About 10 years ago one of my mentors said something that changed my business: “If you want more value for your time, then value your time more.”

So many angles with this huge statement:

  1. Your time, ideas, knowledge and expertise are extremely valuable,and it’s perfectly fine to be compensated VERY well for sharing it with others.
  2. Understand the VALUE of the results that you produce for your clients. If your solutions can help someone create $1 Million in new sales and you are only charging $750 for this – seems like you might be cutting yourself short doesn’t it? People will pay handsomely for things that help them produce huge results. It;s not being greedy, it’s FAIR compensation for your help.
  3. Free consulting sucks. People will try to take you to lunch, drain you of ideas and walk away by paying for your $15 lunch never to be seen again. Don’t fall in that trap. I love helping people and giving some advice, but don;t get taken advantage of – it is only hurting you and your family.
  4. The RIGHT networking groups are great. Since you now value your time more, look around at the people in the groups you are networking with. If you are the most successful in the group, then find another group. You want to be around movers and shakers you can learn from and that motivate you to reach higher.

“If you want more value for your time, then value your time more.” Live it, breathe it, remember it every day and you will Rock Your Business in 2019!

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