You do what!?! A great service I never knew existed until now…with Jay Byers

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Great podcast here with Jay Byers, who owns a service I had NEVER heard of before I met him and his awesome wife Carmelia.

In fact, I didn’t even know WHY I would ever need his service before he explained to me how it benefits me, my family, restaurants, condos, hotels and more.

What is it? Well, listen in. It’s a great story of a family business growing even though people didn’t even know they needed this type of service. Awesome!


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hey steven placey here with another edition of the rock your business podcast and have an amazing interview today with Jay now he is the president and owner of space coast echo wash and it’s how why, where, what, when all that good stuff. So I guarantee you’ll love this. So Jay, thanks for joining me. How are you doing today?

 I’m doing fantastic. Thanks for having me on.

 Yeah and so Jay tell us what you do at Space Coast Eco Wash. Well, what I like to tell people is we keep your wife happy. How is done?

That’s all we need to know. Perfect, great. How much is it right?

 It’s only it’s. It’s less than three Starbucks a month to keep your wife happy. Yeah, So what we do is we do residential and commercial trash bins and dumpsters. We clean sanitized deodorized. We have specialized equipment that we come to your location so we’re all on site. We don’t have to take your stuff anywhere we can clean it. With our high pressure in hot water, we clean at 3600 PS I and almost 200 degrees. So basically we’re giving your trash bins and dumpsters and nice steam bath to sanitize and kill any gross things that might be growing on it. It’s time and. And just make for more pleasant experience when you take your trash out. Alright? So but I think it’s a lot more than that. And here’s here’s why.

 It’s let’s look at the residential side first. You know, absolutely, and I would just say this to Jay and his and his wife, Camelia. Awesome people we met in an event I don’t know few months ago or something like that, it’s just really great people. And in, but when they talk to me about their service and those of you, listening might think the same thing. Well, why do I need to pay someone to clean my trash cans out like so so J. Why do they need someone to clean what? What is the biggest benefit of your service for people at their houses?

Well, I think there’s there’s a lot of big benefits to people. The biggest one, I guess that I would like to talk about a little bit is. Just the unsanitary nature of trash receptacles. They attract unwanted pests. Spiders, ants, bees, flies, roaches. You know they. I was talking to, you know some pest management people and the biggest thing that they said was, you know, reference proteins. Nice things like that. They love to come up to find a food source and as soon as they do then they look around for a house. So if we can if we can take. Away the smell. And the attraction for these things we can obviously do some real good for your property as far as the past stuff like that go the other big benefit is. That unsanitary containers are a huge source for illnesses, bacteria, Salmonella, Listeria E coli. Any nasty things you can think of that you’ve thrown out from diapers to dog waste? You know those things? Stay on your receptacles. Nobody wants to go out and touch those, and especially if you go up, throw your stuff away. Come back inside. You know you may not wash your hands before you touch ten other things. Even if you come in, you’re still touching a doorknob. You’re touching. You know your faucet. You’re touching something that you don’t even think about or you come back in and your baby’s crying. You pick it up and all of a sudden you’re you’re spreading things that you don’t want to around your house, specially since you just threw all that stuff outside thinking you’re getting rid of it all the sudden. It’s right back in your house and you didn’t even think about it. So. Those are the two biggest things from just a personal standpoint for your own home.

Yeah, I wouldn’t talk about the fire Bell stuff later, but yeah, I mean, but that’s you, jammy, you know. And like I said, I was like why this service? I thought that today and I said I’m right back with it. I said when I first met him I said why do I need that? I couldn’t comprehend it now it makes a lot of sense to me because if I’m paying for pest control and roaches in Florida, we have enough problem with Palmetto bugs and roaches and ants and termites and bugs and flies. And all this stuff. It’s like, you know, this is another way to keep him out from around my house and we have mice and we have racks. And it doesn’t matter how clean you keep your house, you don’t know what the neighbors down the street are doing. You don’t know what this and if they smell food and stuff near your house now, now they’re attracting to your house. So it makes 100,000,000% sense to me now why that? Report well, it’s just you know.

 The biggest thing is it adds another layer of protection for your family to keep somebody’s unwanted things out of your house. Add you know my biggest thing is we can’t. I can’t protect my family from everything in this world, but if I can add another layer protection for one part of their life, then I’ve at least done something that makes me feel good so. Yeah, I mean it’s it’s. It’s just yeah, it is the diseases and things. I mean,

 I guess I guess you don’t think about it. You know we think we just put the trash in there and then it disappears. It’s like man, you know, we think that once they don’t, but it’s clean, quote, unquote clean, right? Well right, that is in no way true. I mean, and I’m thinking about all the stuff I put in my trash can. Like that’s where you put all the nasty stuff right? So it’s like factly, yeah, and

we’ll get a little drink of water and I’ll be back right after this brief message. Hey Steven here and how are your results so far in 2021? Are you kicking some profit goal? But like we are we had record months in January in February. Or are you just having so so or you like man not doing well? Well let me tell you something, you deserve to have a great visit that’s going out there and having record months. The key is. Not waiting any longer to make it happen. You don’t have to have all the answers yourself. You can get help, so there’s two things I have for you right now. You can do if you’re a more of a Type B personality. Kind of just want to look over some stuff, go download my unconventional strategies for 2021. That will help you go make some marketing moves that most people aren’t doing what they should be doing. It will help me rock your profits. Go get that free download. Check that out. Great stuff if you’re more of a type A personality really. Like Steve, I don’t want to read any more stuff. I don’t want to listen anymore, so I just need someone to help me find out what I’m doing wrong or what I should be doing and give me some solutions that are particular to my business. So that you grow said that discovery called where you and I can talk will look inside your business, uncover things again that you might be doing that you should have be or that you’re not doing that you should be and will uncover profit centers to help you go kick some profitable, but you deserve it. The worst thing you could do is keep waiting into getting just. Average result isn’t it time to go kick some probable, but go set your discovery call now. I’d love to innovate some ideas for you. Again, you could do that right on the Steve website. That’s STEVEPLACEY and look forward to talking with you.

Then you also have a commercial side as well. Now why now? So you’re cleaning dumpsters? And why is that important for restaurant?

Well, you know it’s a lot of the same things and. Unfortunately, there are restaurants that my wife and I don’t go to anymore because you know, when you have. Outdoor seating at restaurant, which is fantastic and that’s one of the reasons we love Florida so much. The problem is, is that when you have outdoor seating, especially if you have waterfront seating, your dumpsters have to go somewhere on that property that are generally out front or to the side of the building. And in the summertime, we all know that humidity and and he. Can really. Make those dumpsters smell out appealing and when you pull up to a restaurant, the first thing that you do an. The first thing you smelled is dumpster. You’re probably not going to give that restaurant cheats, because if that’s the first thing that hits you, you’re probably going to find someplace else that doesn’t have a odor when you first pull up to the to the restaurant. So I really think that a lot of these small businesses in Brevard County that are. Are struggling right now and they are. I would really like to see you know us be able to help them out with a couple of little things that can. They can bring people back to their restaurants. Not only can we take care of the owner, but you know they’re inside cleaning and sanitizing on a daily basis on an hourly basis. As a matter of fact or after every person. Why not take it one step further. and keep some of these horrible things that are out living out in dumpster from coming back into restaurant when you just take it all that time to sanitize it and take care of the customers coming in this is just another like we talked earlier another layer protection for your people that are coming into your avard but I remember there was a couple restaurants in Orlando. When you pull up to the restaurant, it’s you could smell the dumpster. OK, now as a restaurant owner that he’s absolutely last state, like the only worst thing with that would probably be people seeing rats going into your restaurant when they pull out. Like literally, that would probably be the worst thing ever. You know so, but we stop going that restaurant because this smell, you know whenever. Food was good but we just it just was not feeling right, right? Yeah, it’s that like you said with so many best in bugs me restaurant owners, how much do they spend on S control? Keeping flies, roaches, bugs, rats, mice out of their restaurant? I mean they spend thousands a year on that, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. And it’s. And it’s an ongoing fight and you know, the other thing is, you have a place that are, you know, taking trash out and bags leak and the you know the spots around dumpsters. When when the waste management or waste pro or whoever it is comes and gets it. If you watch it they they did. Those are they tip those things upside down over top of their truck. And there’s all kinds of stuff we can out coming down over the top of the truck and all that stuff is going right onto the pad where they said that Duster back down. Now when we go to do a restaurant. Or a commercial business. We also do pad clean so once we have that dumpster lifted up over our truck and it were sanitizing the inside of that dumpster, we can also spray that pad down so all that nasty stuff that just leaked out of the out of the dumpster when the when they came and emptied it. Now we can go through. With our high pressure under 200 degree water and we can take care of that area as well. So what that does doesn’t allow your employees to go out there and track all of that nasty stuff back into your nice clean kitchen. Which I think is huge and we have, you know the restaurant owners we are dealing with right now. They love that part because they can now keep their kitchens. To a standard that they that they want and they’re not tracking things back in. And they’re not bringing contamination back into their into their workspace.

 I mean, I just I love. I am fascinated with this. Just fascinated because it’s such an outside the box thinking thing. Like I had no idea that was an image. You know that right there that there was such a need for that, but it makes such total sense now that we’re talking.

I mean, it’s well. But I mean it, it really does, because we had one guy and I’ll, I’ll tell you a little story. We had one guy as soon as we start putting stuff on Facebook. We had one guy said, well, this is ridiculous. This is, you know, dumb is like all I’m going to do is go from trash right back in. And I said. I said, OK, well, how many times do you think your bathroom is? How many times you clean your toilet while my wife I said well all you’re gonna do is go back and get it dirty again right? It’s like well, that’s disgusting if you don’t clean it. I said, what do you think you’re trash? That’s disgusting, if not clear. You know there’s so many things that we clean on a daily basis, and the nastiest thing in our house aside from maybe a bathroom is our trash cans. So why don’t we take the same care to keep ourselves safe? In all areas of our home, not just the ones that we you know are supposed to.

 Yeah, it’s. Yeah, Oh my gosh, I love everything. So how? How did you get into this? I had asked how did you get into this. But first let me ask let me let me go with this. How much does it cost to get the residential side in the commercial side? Go because it’s it’s. It’s really for what you’re doing. The cost is super inexpensive.

Well, like I said earlier, you know to keep your wife happy. It’s less than three Starbucks for your residential site. So we have monthly plans and start at 1495 a month. Oh, that gets us to your house for your trash and your recycle. For less than $15 a month. We can do. We can also do quarterly’s cleaning so we can do six months if you want we can do a one time clean. We have one person that. That are doing quarterly’s, but every now and again when they have company come over and they’ll have you know, crab legs and lobsters and stuff like that. They’ll have this come the day after because they don’t want. That smell so you know we can. We can also just do a spot cream for you if that’s what you want as well, so we’re pretty flexible on what we can do. Because we are mobile and we do come to your house, it’s not a huge deal to just swing by and do it one day. I love it. So on the commercial side, you know what does that cost structure look like? 7995 a month. I mean, that’s nothing. Well, yeah, yeah, compared to what your setup as control anyway, it’s it’s really. It’s really affordable. And The thing is, is what we found is that a lot of the smaller recipe I don’t know. I just to me, I thought that when we got into I was gonna roll up to. you know and the community that care about you know their customer base. That care about cleanliness. Those are the ones we’re having the most left, which I thought would be the opposite. I thought that we would have to convince those. You know to spend $80.00 monthly charge went to, you know a small restaurant is a lot and I understand that. But they are the ones that are really latched onto our service because they’re like I want people to know that not only are you know a clean restaurant, but we’re also taking it one extra step and we’re doing this as well. And I think that’s really cool. It did that. It’s not. It’s not something that is so far out of reach price wise that everybody can’t do it. OK so if i have an outdoor restaurant and i have i have a huge lot you know even if i have an outdoor restaurant at all the last thing i want is my patrons being attacked by flies so michael is tracking millions of flies out there and that’s a the Indian River Lagoon near us that is having a problem with collusion because of water runoff, fertilizers, septic, you know, people just doing. I was at I was there fishing one day and I saw this party release balloons into the River. You know, like red balloons, it went floating down the River. I’m like that’s horrible. You understand you just killed fish, killed birds, killed turtles by doing it right.

 through so your eco wash you know actually has that in mind. So ’cause you’re not using chemicals right exactly?

Yeah, So what we’re using is we’re using hot water and high pressure. The hot water is how we’re getting the. You know the sanitizing done. We’re not using horrible chemicals. We’re not using any type of soaps. We do have a an orange based soap that we can use. I am not assigned to use it just because I think that we can do a fantastic job just with. The 200 and green water that we use. Tom. And the nice thing is it. Everything that we do so we don’t even have. A lot of water that goes onto the ground while we’re cleaning your dumpsters or your trash cans because. We come to your place. We pick up the dumpster and we tip it upside down over truck and we have the ability to require 2. Reclaim the majority of the water that we used to to clean your dumpsters. And then we take that wastewater. That greywater basically back to a water reclamation site or any grey water facility that will accept anything from an RV. You know things like that, so we’re not even putting a lot of stuff down into the wastewater system, even though all reuse this water, we still take it one step further. and we take it someplace so it’s not going to lagoon to stop going into forever just not going into the ocean we’re taking it back to to think about, especially when a lot of people that we’ve talked to say, well, you know, I think my my alright cool. So how do you do it? Well I get my hose out I’m gonna turn it on. And then I put. i’ll clorox lysol donkey so you know something like that is then i fill it up about halfway and then i scrub it and then i dump it out as he dumped on ground right pool rocks align solved on do so just we’re using approximately 2 gallons of water to clean a residential trash can. Where ask? Think the average? From what I’ve read that a homeowner uses somewhere between 5:00 and 8:00 gallons of water. So if if we figured that Brevard or that Melbourne has 80,000 people in it and everyone of them uses 5 gallons of water. A year this time that’s 400,000 gallons of water. We can do all 80,000 those cans once a year, and we can do it for 160,000 gallons of water. when were when were living in state that has water problems why would we not want to do something yeah no i’m just so good fits to what you’re doing i i think it’s just awesome it’s you know it’s it’s it’s the passports the best finish it’s it’s environmentally friendly Their trash cans every month. ’cause you know you ain’t doing it in less it states like i hack or bugs get in it or something like that so don’t even tell me that so you not do it yourself you know so don’t even so alright

so one last question jay how did you get into well to get started with get out of miami from europe i think is if i and i thought that’s really cool i scratch about him came across my facebook feed

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